Embracing Change; Inspiring Transformation

Dear leader…

The fruit of leadership is to inspire transformation in others. It’s what we live for – to see people’s lives, marriages, and families transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

If the fruit of leadership is inspiring transformation, the root of leadership is embracing personal change.

God does not grant us the blessing of the fruit without first developing the root. I must embrace personal change before I am privileged to inspire transformation.

I have been on staff at New Hope Worship Center for over twenty years. For over 12 years I was the youth pastor and also led our worship ministries, eventually serving as the Executive Pastor and, for over seven years now, the Lead Pastor.

My life is the story of constant change amidst similar surroundings. My place of ministry hasn’t changed, but I have.

In just over two weeks from now I will be giving two and a half days of personal investment to pastors, leaders, and volunteers at our Equip Conference. More than a conference, I believe this will be a conversation amongst leaders who are living somewhere in between “embracing change” and “inspiring transformation.”

Change can be a welcomed guest or a resisted enemy. I have found that God demands change, and He typically begins with me. Through these years of life and ministry much has changed.

How I approach my marriage and family has changed.

How I spend my time and energy has changed.

How I speak publicly has changed.

How I think about people (and their bondages) has changed.

How I have led our church has changed as we have grown, and it’s still changing.

In fact, so much has changed that I often wonder what is constant! In the midst of the chaos of change I am reminded (and grateful) that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

What God does THROUGH us is rooted in what He does IN us. Perhaps you need an infusion of faith, encouragement, and wisdom as you lead in God’s Kingdom. The prophetic assignment you carry, although a great privilege, also comes with a heavy weight of responsibility.

You mustn’t walk alone.

If it is your desire to learn how to embrace change in order to inspire transformation, consider joining Carrie and me, and our staff, at our Equip Conference on April 3-5 (Thursday – Saturday).

It’s not too late to join the conversation.

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