Embracing Change; Inspiring Transformation

Dear leader… The fruit of leadership is to inspire transformation in others. It’s what we live for – to see people’s lives, marriages, and families transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. If the fruit of leadership is inspiring transformation, the root of leadership is embracing personal change. God does not grant us the blessing of the fruit without first developing the root. I must embrace personal change before I am privileged to inspire transformation. I have been on staff at New Hope Worship Center for over twenty years. For over 12… Read More

Three Things Every Pastor Needs

Outside of Bethlehem are rolling hills, where, for thousands of years, sheep and shepherds have trod. It was on these hills that angelic hosts announced to lowly shepherds that Jesus – the Christ – was born. It was also on these hills that a ruddy shepherd boy named David received a prophetic word and a fresh anointing that would propel him to one day be Israel’s King. It is significant to realize that shepherds have always held a prominent place in God’s covenant relationship with mankind, from the patriarchs of the Old… Read More