Why Leaders Should Embrace Change

“Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go… (Joshua 1:2 ESV)


For a woman in labor, transition means increased pain, followed by the joy of new life.

Transition can often be that way – at work, at church, at home – transitions can be somewhat painful, yet they lead to seasons of new life and potential.

A leader must embrace change readily.

Often, in an effort to minimize the pain of transition, leaders resist change, not realizing they are impeding God’s progressive nature to bring His people into new seasons of fruitfulness.

Conversely, other leaders force significant and rapid changes in an effort to speedily get to a “new level,” the results of which are unnecessary casualties along the way.

Joshua led through transition. Moses had been the patriarchal leader for an entire generation, but as Israel came to the crossroads of entering their promised land, a new season required new leadership.

Moses was a spiritual father and hero to Joshua. His death represented both a corporate and personal loss to Joshua. Still, God required Joshua to move forward, embrace change, and lead through transition.

Generations later, Jesus was ministering to many people when news came to Him that John the Baptist, His cousin and forerunner, had been executed. Jesus withdrew to grieve and pray, but the crowds pressed in. Jesus’s compassion for people compelled Him to press beyond grieving by Himself into giving of Himself to others.

Leading through transition is demanding. It requires (as recorded in Joshua 1): a spirit of faith, a heart of courage, a prophetic assignment, and a commitment to God’s Word.

Leader- you need not force change, but neither should you resist it. Remember, the cadence and rhythm of your walk of faith should be synchronized with the steps of your Commander, Jesus Christ. We mustn’t hasten His pace. We mustn’t lag behind.

Follow Jesus. Lead people. Never the other way around.

For leaders wrestling through the pain of change, I pray that You would reveal to them the joy and hope of the new season ahead.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

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