Embracing Change; Inspiring Transformation

Dear leader… The fruit of leadership is to inspire transformation in others. It’s what we live for – to see people’s lives, marriages, and families transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. If the fruit of leadership is inspiring transformation, the root of leadership is embracing personal change. God does not grant us the blessing of the fruit without first developing the root. I must embrace personal change before I am privileged to inspire transformation. I have been on staff at New Hope Worship Center for over twenty years. For over 12… Read More

Why Leaders Should Embrace Change

“Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore arise, go… (Joshua 1:2 ESV) Transition. For a woman in labor, transition means increased pain, followed by the joy of new life. Transition can often be that way – at work, at church, at home – transitions can be somewhat painful, yet they lead to seasons of new life and potential. A leader must embrace change readily. Often, in an effort to minimize the pain of transition, leaders resist change, not realizing they are impeding God’s progressive nature to bring His people into new seasons… Read More

“After Further Review” – Why Leaders Sometimes Change Their Minds

I have a friend whose father is one of the NFL’s most respected and tenured officials.  Gerry Austin, now retired, officiated hundreds of games in his twenty five year career, and, in a job that is often thankless and demands split-second decisions that can result in divisive backlash, Mr. Austin was respected by players, coaches, and fans. Like Gerry Austin, leaders are constantly placed in positions to make judgment calls, and expected to get it right!  But, like any NFL official or any leader will tell you, “We don’t always get it… Read More

A Courageous Leader

The king took his place of authority beside the pillar and renewed the covenant in the Lord’s presence. He pledged to obey the Lord by keeping all his commands, laws, and decrees with all his heart and soul. He promised to obey all the terms of the covenant that were written in the scroll. (2 Chronicles 34:31 NLT) Despite the fact that he became king when he was only eight years old, Josiah was an incredibly influential leader. He confronted the idolatry of the nation by destroying the high places of idol… Read More

Why Pastors Should Declare God’s Blessing Over His People

The power and effect of words is significant. Consider what the average person faces each day: words of anger, accusation, defeat, and fear, just to name a few. These verbal assaults, whether heard or not, are referred to in Scripture as “curses.” And, although they may not have been conjured by a witch doctor with a voodoo doll, curses are a reality in the realm of the spirit, and may result in physical manifestations and implications. As people of faith in Jesus Christ we recognize the canopy of protection under which we… Read More