What Makes a Person Righteous?

Today’s reading is Romans 2.

Being good does not make a person righteous, yet that is exactly how we often live. We weigh out our actions, dividing them into categories of “good” and “bad,” concluding that, because our good actions outweigh the bad, we are essentially good people. Further, we justify our bad actions, claiming that our motivations were right, even if our actions weren’t.

Paul cuts through that self-righteousness, reminding his Jewish readers that, even if they are devout, religious, law-abiding Jews, people are not righteous because of their outward works, but only when they place their faith in Jesus Christ, who makes us righteous through His atoning work. Meditate today on verse 29, and be reminded that God’s righteousness has been made available to you, and is not earned by works, but received by faith.

Photo: Alexandrix Media

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