Unity Among Diversity

“In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.”‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2:22‬ ‭ESV‬‬

This morning I received a letter and gift card from a pastor/friend in my community, celebrating my upcoming wedding anniversary. 

This afternoon I texted a minister/friend from California just to encourage him on how well he is balancing family and ministry. 

Tonight I was on my way to Life Group and passed by a church pastored by a friend of mine. I inwardly prayed God’s blessing over him and his family. 

In a society that is often divided by economic, racial, and cultural lines it is imperative that believers not have a reputation of disunity or division. 

I love the relationships I have with other pastors, leaders, and believers throughout the body of Christ, especially within my own community. 

Jesus said that we should be known by our love for one another. 

Diversity among denominations can be celebrated, but there is no room for judgemental division and unhealthy competition in the body of Christ. 

I recently had someone tell me that, on his first visit to our church, what impacted him the most was that I prayed for other churches.

This week I encourage you to pray for every church you pass by. Pray for God to bless them and make His presence known among the people who gather there. Even when we come across places and people whose beliefs are clearly not in alignment with God’s word, prayer is still an appropriate and powerful response. 

None of us has it all figured out. We can learn from those different than us. God uses our uniquenesses to express His glory, and He is building us into a dwelling place for His presence!

One Comment on “Unity Among Diversity

  1. “Prayer is still an appropriate and powerful response.” Wow – I need to make one of those vinyl text decals for a wall in our house that says that! It is so very true – in every situation. Thanks again Pastor Dale 🙂

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