Jesus Makes the Difference

For 38 years he was unable to walk. As a last resort, desperate for a miracle, he arranged to be taken to the Pool of Bethesda, where it was believed that angels occasionally stirred the waters, bring healing to the infirmed. But it never happened for him.

Waiting can be wearisome. Our high hopes can be eroded by daily disappointments.

But then the man came face to face with Jesus, who looked at the man with compassion and said, “Get up.” Inherent in the command was the capacity. His miracle had come, and the man got up. With one encounter, waiting turned to walking.

Jesus makes all the difference.

Photo: The partially excavated Pool of Bethesda is located beside the Church of Saint Anne (mother of Mary).

2 Comments on “Jesus Makes the Difference

  1. Really love to read the postings that you put up Pastor Dale you’re so awesome

  2. Pastor Dale
    Perfect timing for your post. Jesus is making a difference by your hands today..


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