Spiritual Overflow

Standing at over 85 feet high and over 65 feet wide, Rome’s  Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous and glorious water fountains in the world.  Each statue stands as its own work of art, painstakingly crafted with opulent detail and placed on a rock foundation brilliantly hewn to accent their beauty. But, as beautiful as this masterpiece is, its brilliance and glory is only fully realized when crystal clear water cascades freely in, around, and over it.

The beauty of a fountain is its overflow of water.  A fountain without water is not nearly as glorious.

Like that fountain, you were created to overflow.  God designed and crafted you with great detail. In fact, you were made in the very image of God! But, apart from God you cannot reach your potential and purpose. The life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit is what brings out the best in you. Your true identity emerges when your humanity overflows with divinity.

The imagery of water is very strong in Scripture, and often repeated. From Noah’s flood, to Moses’ Red Sea, to Joshua’s Jordan River, to Jesus’ baptism – water is often a picture of breakthrough into a new season.

Less visible, but equally recognizable is the flow of spiritual water in a person’s life. Your decision to allow the flow of God’s Spirit in, around, and over your life will bring you into a new season of purpose and destiny!

There are three sources of water available to every person. Scripture refers to them as “baptisms”:

  1. Baptism into Christ. The water of life comes from the well of salvation – Jesus Christ. Putting your faith and trust In Jesus begins the flow of God’s Spirit in your life. Your salvation is the moment that the waters of His Spirit flow IN to your life.
  2. Baptism in water.  Water baptism is such a practical and simple step of faith that many people underestimate its profound impact and value. Your decision to be immersed in the physical waters of baptism releases spiritual waters to flow all the more in your life. Water baptism allows the physical and spiritual waters of God’s Spirit to flow AROUND your life.
  3. Baptism with the Holy Spirit. There are six mentions of John the Baptist’s interaction with Jesus at the Jordan River, where John says, “I baptize you with water for repentance, but One coming after me (Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit!” Being baptized with the Holy Spirit is simply asking Jesus to fill you to overflowing with the waters of His Spirit, so that the flow of your life, the flow of your words, and even the flow of your thoughts increasingly reflects those of Jesus. Being baptized with the Holy Spirit allows the waters of the Spirit to flow OVER your life and refresh others.

The beauty and brilliance of your life can only be realized through the flow of God’s Spirit in you, around, you and overflowing from you to refresh others. People all around you are dry and thirsty. The overflow of God’s Spirit cascading from your life is what will refresh their souls and satisfy their spiritual thirst.

You were created to overflow with the refreshing waters of the Spirit! Come to the spiritual waters today!


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