There is Power in your Testimony

People can reject theology and resist philosophy, but no one can refute a personal testimony. 

Sharing your testimony is the most effective way to communicate the power and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We often place unnecessary pressure on ourselves to have answers for every question, or to discern wisdom for everyone’s problems in order to be an effective witness for Jesus. 

You won’t always have the answers, and you may not be able to figure out every situation a person faces, but you can give testimony to God’s faithfulness, provision, and love in your own life. 

Paul shared his testimony many times, including these words to the church in Galatia:

Then I began my ministry in the regions of Syria and Cilicia. After all that time and activity I was still unknown by face among the Christian churches in Judea. There was only this report: “That man who once persecuted us is now preaching the very message he used to try to destroy.” Their response was to recognize and worship God because of me! (‭Galatians‬ ‭1‬:‭21-24‬ MSG)

Paul was well educated and well respected (if not feared); still, when declaring the goodness of God he didn’t rely on eloquent words or persuasive leadership, he simply spoke from personal experience with the power of his testimony. 

To be an effective witness for Jesus…

  1. Live out your faith. 
  2. Share your personal testimony. 
  3. Continually ask God to empower you by the Holy Spirit. 

In a courtroom a witness is only expected to declare what they personally experienced. The entire case does not rest on them – only the part to which they can personally attest. 

Never be intimidated by a lack of theological training or inexperience; just share what you know. Give people the power of your testimony. 

Father, help us to be faithful witnesses of your greatness today through the power of our testimonies.  In Jesus’ name, amen. 

..the feet of those who bring good news

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