Will You Pray With Me?

I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf, (Romans 15:30 ESV)

The “prayer of agreement” unleashes tremendous power.

Although Paul was one of the greatest men of faith in all of church history, he depended on his brothers and sisters to pray for him and with him. There are no “lone rangers” in the kingdom of God.

In fact, even Jesus asked his disciples to come with him to the Garden of Gethsemene to “watch and pray.”

One of satan’s routine schemes is to isolate us from other believers. He either convinces us that we shouldn’t be a burden to others; or he stirs up our pride, so that we aren’t honest and vulnerable about our struggles; or he provokes us to be offended at the church and pull away. His strategy is to cause us to walk in our own strength, with an independent mentality.

But God created us to be dependent on Him, and, to a significant degree, on others.

If Paul needed prayer support, don’t you?

If Jesus needed others to surround Him in prayer, what makes you think you can do things on your own?

Prayer is the catalyst that brings God’s will from heaven to earth. We must be people of prayer if we are to be people who experience the miraculous.

The prayer of agreement places an exponent on our prayers. If one can put a thousand enemy forces at flight, two can cause ten thousand to flee!

There are some battles in life that demand partnership of prayer in order to experience victory.

There are two questions we ought to regularly ask others:

1. “Will you pray with me about this?”
2. “Can I pray with you right now about that?”

Imagine the power and presence of God that will be released when you join in prayer with someone else. The possibilities are endless. Nothing is impossible for God!


Today I choose to have a determined focus both on my personal prayer life, and to take advantage of the opportunities to join my faith with others.

Thank you for brothers and sisters with whom I can partner to see Your will break through satan’s strongholds.

In Jesus’ name, amen!

One Comment on “Will You Pray With Me?

  1. Wow what a mighty Word Pastor Dale,  I had a conversation yesterday with a friend,  he was feeling really down about several things,  I told him he was being attacked by the enemy and that he really needed to get back to church and be around his church family, where he is loved and missed.  I told him I believed that if satan can cause the father of a family to fall or backslide the whole family was at risk of falling, and that prayer was the strongest weapon that could be used during this spiritual war, we can duck blows and bullets but satan can go through walls.  This post just confirms what we talked about, prayer in God’s faith is mightier than satan.        Thank you Pastor Dale for your mighty Word,                 We love you,          David

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