The JOY of Your Salvation | a prophetic word

Prophecy is a privileged gift that Jesus gives to His Church.

Speaking on behalf of God is a weight of responsibility that must be shouldered with humility and a sense of privilege. Still, there is a boldness that arises in my spirit as the Holy Spirit reveals words of edification, exhortation, and comfort to His church.

In mid-September I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking the following prophetic word. I declared it to our church, New Hope Worship Center, in the introductory message of our current series, entitled “JOY!” (All messages are available online at

I believe this is a word that also has application beyond our church, into the larger body of Christ.

Your season of sorrow is coming to an end. You have stood at the place of ruins. You have felt the sting of regret. Yet you have reawakened to My Word and to My voice.

No longer must you wallow in the shame of the past, for I have brought you out of the shadows of your shame into the promise of a new day.

I will rebuild your walls of protection -your soul. Your mind will be renewed, your will will be strengthened and resolved, and your emotions will reflect the fruit of the Spirit.

I will reinstate My presence in the midst of your praise. My voice you will once again hear and recognize. I will restore what the enemy has stolen, what the locusts have devoured.

Only seek Me with your whole heart and I will restore you and bring back to you the joy of your salvation.

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