A Father’s Influence – a tribute to my dad

My parents got married while they were both in college. Shortly thereafter they discovered they were expecting a child.

My dad was playing intramural football when he got the word that my mom was in labor. They got to the hospital, where my mom was taken care of and my dad was given a gown, hair net, and gloves in order to be allowed in the birthing room.

Coming out gowned, netted, and gloved into the waiting room to let his family and friends know that the time had come, my dad first announced: “Nobody touch me; I’m sterile!”

Obviously he wasn’t.

I had the privilege of being the first one to call him “dad.” He is the most influential man in my life – one who loved his wife, invested in his sons, served people through his ministry, and honored God with his heart. He still does those things.

A father’s influence can not be understated. Our society knows too well the ramifications of absentee or abusive fathers. I, however, know the blessing of a father who was there, and who loved me.

Being a father has made me a better son. I can now more fully appreciate the values and discipline my father instilled in me. I find that I often draw from the wisdom of my dad as I invest in my own children.

The bible says:

The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him. (Proverbs 20:7 NKJV)

This Father’s Day I count myself blessed by a righteous dad who walked (and continues to walk) in integrity.

Thanks, Pop. I love you.


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