A Woman of Wisdom: a tribute to my mom

When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. (Proverbs 31:26 NLT)

My mom is a wealth of wisdom, yet her words are few.

Don’t get me wrong – my mom is an effective communicator. From her infamous daily chore list to her detailed schedule for babysitters, she knew how to communicate and care for her boys.

Even today I enjoy receiving her informative monthly newsletters, updating their itinerary as traveling ministers. She keeps people in the loop, giving enough details to tell the story, while still keeping thing simple.

And then there are the phone calls, which are my favorite. My mom keeps me connected with her and my dad’s extended families, and the people they meet along their journeys.

Always informative.
But never intrusive.

One of the hallmark characteristics of wisdom is it’s camouflage. Wisdom is always nearby; yet illusive enough to be missed by those not seeking it.

I believe that in every person exists a “well” of wisdom. Some people have very deep wells, filled with refreshing waters of Godly perspective and insight.

But those with the deepest wells do not have a sign posted: “Free wisdom- drink deeply!”

No, to get to the deep waters of wisdom in people like my mom, one must come to the well with a rope and a bucket.

Wisdom isn’t free. But it is readily available – if you search for it.

Mom- thank you for being a well of deep wisdom from which I continue to draw.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

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