How a Lifestyle of Worship Can Set You Free

Anger is a familiar emotion to nearly every person, whether it stems from a sibling who took your favorite toy, a friend who broke a privileged confidence, or an inhumane public act of violence.

But anger can also be a spiritual stronghold – a controlling, debilitating, demonic force that results in harmful thoughts and behavior.

Having hardened his heart through jealousy and pride, King Saul had opened himself up to a tormenting spirit – one that drove him mad. What began with “small” acts of disobedience escalated to the murder of priests, a consultation with a witch, and a life hellbent on destroying a man who pleased God – a man who would one day occupy Saul’s throne.

It had been prophesied that David would be Israel’s next king; but for now, his assignment was to be a warrior in the army and a musician for the mad king.

Interesting to me is the stark contrast of these two men – Saul and David – as expressed in this one simple verse:

David was playing the harp, as he did each day. But Saul had a spear in his hand… (1 Samuel 18:10 NLT)

The grip that Saul had on his spear was nothing compared to the grip the enemy had on his soul.

David, on the other hand, walked in divine peace and protection. On two occasions Saul hurled his spear at David – but no weapon formed against him could prosper.

While Saul was bring bound by a tormenting spirit, David was being set free by his spiritual act of worship!

Worship is a divine force that breaks demonic strongholds.

Are you being tormented in some area of your life? Does it seem that you are “going crazy” as a result of the chaos? Are you battling with anger, depression, or fear?

Right now, declare by faith:

I repent of any foothold I have given to satan, through anger, unforgiveness, or rebellion.
I renounce every demonic spirit and stronghold that has caused me to walk in bondage.
I receive Your peace and protection right now, as I lift up adoration and praise to You.
In Jesus’ name,

Now, continue to lift up praise, and watch God deliver you!

3 Comments on “How a Lifestyle of Worship Can Set You Free

  1. Very good point…it is amazing how protected one is when you lock in on the Lord!

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