What Are You Chewing On?

Have you ever watched a cow eat? The longer you watch, the more entertained you are. She bends her neck to the ground, grabs a clump of grass or hay, uses her tongue to position the food in her mouth, and starts chewing in a motion that is as much “round and round” as it is “up and down.” Then, after a long time of chewing, you think she’s finally finished. She pauses for a bit, but then starts chewing again. Part of a cow’s digestive process involves the cow chewing, swallowing,… Read More

“After Further Review” – Why Leaders Sometimes Change Their Minds

I have a friend whose father is one of the NFL’s most respected and tenured officials.  Gerry Austin, now retired, officiated hundreds of games in his twenty five year career, and, in a job that is often thankless and demands split-second decisions that can result in divisive backlash, Mr. Austin was respected by players, coaches, and fans. Like Gerry Austin, leaders are constantly placed in positions to make judgment calls, and expected to get it right!  But, like any NFL official or any leader will tell you, “We don’t always get it… Read More