Submission Ain’t for Sissies

In a society whose esteemed virtues are things like individuality and independence, submission is viewed as weak and archaic.  Teenagers are expected – even encouraged – to rebel against their parents.  Employees often look with contempt at their employers.  To even mention that a wife should submit to her husband is viewed as arrogant and sexist.  In our myopic and egocentric view of life, we may have missed the fact that there are blessings and benefits that come to a person who walks in submission.  Submission is not for the weak; only… Read More

When a Church is Divided

I hear that there are divisions among you when you meet as a church… (1 Corinthians 11:18 NLT) As a twenty three year old, I was excited about the new ministry assignment into which I was walking. My wife and I looked forward to the hopes and promises of ministry in a well-respected church filled with people who had welcomed us warmly. Then we attended their annual business meeting. To be fair, it wasn’t a horrid display of carnality. Not at all. But neither was it comforting or peaceful. There was an… Read More