A Call to Endurance and a Promise of Eternity

To appreciate the true value of the book of Revelation, here are some keys: As with any portion of Scripture, seek to understand the context of Scripture before making conclusions and applications of its meaning.  The book of Revelation is exactly what it’s first words declare: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” In other words, more than attempting to solve every detail of prophecy, look for how Jesus is revealed.  The book of Revelation is a letter. It is personal as well as prophetic as the Apostle John writes words of encouragement to believers… Read More

A Light in the Darkness

Despite varying worldviews and religious beliefs, most people believe that our world, as we know it, is fast approaching a seismic shift, if not an end. Speculations of the cause of such an occurance include international wars, global warming, natural disasters, and spiritual events.  When the Son of God, Jesus, came to earth as a baby, time shifted into a new dimension – we entered the last days. After Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, He promised that He would come again.  We are living in the last days – the end times…. Read More

How I Approach the Last Book

Likely one of the youngest of Jesus’ disciples, John managed to outlive them all. He had mourned the loss of his friends, particularly because each of his fellow comrades had been martyred for his faith.  John, too, had been persecuted and suffered; yet his life had somehow been spared.  With leathered skin and a weathered soul, John’s mind and spirit remained vivacious and sensitive to the voice of God.  Banished to a remote island (Patmos) as a prisoner, John spent his time praying for and writing to the several churches under his… Read More