What Happened in Heaven on the Day Jesus Died?

On school mornings I would often pack lunches for my kids. Gabby liked fruit, Kaleb liked goldfish crackers. Occasionally I would write notes to them, so when they opened their lunch bags they would see a handwritten message from me, reminding them that I love them.  Imagine your Heavenly Father, with pen in hand, writing down His love for you, His plans for your life, and His commitment to bring it to pass. Well, in a sense, that’s exactly what He did.  In Revelation 5, the Apostle John was taken “back in… Read More

Contend for God’s Will through Prayer!

The will of God is not automatic.  Some people – even sincere believers – mistakenly believe: “If it happened, it must have been God’s will.” God’s will must be sought, received by faith, and contended for. There is an enemy still lurking in this world, one who has authority on earth (not ultimate authority, but the jurisdiction we permit). His kingdom of darkness and deception is still in operation, and stands in resistance to the Kingdom of God and the people of that Kingdom.  The default setting in our world is sin,… Read More