Songs of Hope in the Midst of Injustice

Years ago Carrie and I walked into a old, family-owned BBQ restaurant in a small town in North Carolina. As we entered the door every person inside turned their heads ever so slightly toward us. That split-second encounter seemed to last for three minutes. It felt like an old western movie when the city slicker walks through the swinging saloon doors, the piano player stops playing, everybody stops talking, and then one person says, “You ain’t from around here, are ya? Even though I live right near that restaurant, I still felt… Read More

Contend for God’s Will through Prayer!

The will of God is not automatic.  Some people – even sincere believers – mistakenly believe: “If it happened, it must have been God’s will.” God’s will must be sought, received by faith, and contended for. There is an enemy still lurking in this world, one who has authority on earth (not ultimate authority, but the jurisdiction we permit). His kingdom of darkness and deception is still in operation, and stands in resistance to the Kingdom of God and the people of that Kingdom.  The default setting in our world is sin,… Read More